Core values work as the foundation of leadership. These values cannot be taught at school. Thus, we have created an environment in the school that inspires all of these values:


Integrity means, to be honest, and to be true to oneself. It is displayed in the student-teacher relationship in how they plan and work on assignments, share information, and how the school handles decisions and commitments.
Open Mindedness: Being open-minded means to be open to receive new ideas with different perspectives. It means being adaptive and accepting all sources of knowledge. This value encourages people to understand others before expecting to be understood.


it is the alignment of what people say and what they do. If a person does what he speaks, then it builds trust and a sense of cooperation.


People feel comfortable around a person they feel who pays attention to them and is considerate. That is the basic core of humility. This helps relate to others and their situations and, thus, deal with them better.
Growth Mindset: Students with a mindset that one can always learn more believe that intelligence can be developed over time through their own effort. They know that even though everyone does not have the knowledge of certain topics, one can always learn about it. This growth mindset inspires determination.


Compassion allows children to be more sensitive and caring towards both humans and animals. Compassion makes children more human by emotions and their deeds.