Classrooms at AHPS are built so the students feel most comfortable and learn in an environment they find conducive. They are spacious and each student is given his or space to sit.

Some students are more inclined towards extra-curricular activities. Those interested in music and dance has a special room allotted to them. We have a set of qualified teachers that will teach children the basic theory of music and classical dance, or the particular field that he or she might be interested in.

Extra-curricular activities also include art and craft where children are allowed to be creative and make what they want to. It gives them space and equipment using which they can make whatever they want for themselves and hone their skills.

Science Lab
The school has a well-equipped and well-stocked laboratory with books on the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology. We also have a General Science Laboratory where species, models, picture-charts, and educational CDs are used as the effective tools in teaching.

Computer Lab

The school has the state-of-the-art computer lab equipped with the latest computers and software. The multimedia lab is equipped to provide online support to students and teachers.

The library offers reading material on a wide variety of subjects in the form of encyclopedias, reference books, magazines, journals and audio-visual CDs.  Trips to book fairs are regularly organised to inculcate the love for reading amongst students.

Medical Room
A room has been allotted especially to take care of the medical needs of students and teachers.  The qualified medical staff has been assigned to take care of the medical needs of both teachers and students during the school hours.